Welcome to the Big Sur Watersheds Home

This web site will serve as a portal for various watershed efforts along the Big Sur area of California. Efforts are underway in several separate watersheds along the coast.  Currently a watershed management plan is being developed for the Big Sur River Watershed.

Another major bit of watershed news is that a large public/private partnership is working on the Greater Monterey County Integrated Water Management Plan (GCM IRWMP)....a mouthful to  be sure. It is a plan that includes many of the groups which apply for grants. Proposition 84 which was passed by the voters several years ago requires a regional view of grant priorities through an IRWMP. Most counties have only one IRWMP, Monterey County, always the contrarian, has three. If you know of a worthy restoration or water protection projects, make sure that potential project get considered for the IRWMP.


Garrapata Creek Watershed Council Big Sur River Watershed Management Plan (updated 20 Jan 2013)
Monterey County Water Resources Agency Greater Monterey County Integrated Regional Water Plan (GMC IRWMP)
Greater Monterey County IRWMP Land Use Study (Diehl, 2006) This covers the entire Big Sur Planning Area
San Antonio and Nacimiento Rivers Watershed Plan The Big Sur Land Trust
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Modified on 20 Jan 2013