The Garrapata Creek Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan was completed in July 2006. Funded through grants from the California Department of Fish and Game and the Pacific State Marine Fisheries Commission, the plan documented existing conditions and identified several restoration projects that would benefit native Steelhead Rainbow Trout and the watershed in general. This document, which is the first of its kind in Big Sur, will serve as our road map for future restoration efforts.

Watershed Restoration Plan (22MB)   Appendices
Watershed Plan (Small file) 2 MB   A Sediment and Hydro (Feb 2005)
    B Sediment and Hydro (Jan 2006)
    C PWA Upslope Erosion Assessment (2003)
    D Fisheries Study by CDFG (Oct 2005)
    E Barrier Assessment (Dec 2005)
    F Lagoon Assessment (Dec 2005)
    G Vegetation Study - Riparian Corridor (Dec 2004)
    H Vegetation Study - Upper Watershed (Dec 2005) coming soon

The Watershed Assessment and Restoration TAC did drafting and editing of the Plan and its appendices; TAC members were Dr. Doug Smith of the CSUMB Watershed Institute, Nicole Nedeff, Joel Casagrande, Jonathan Berkey, Ken and Margaret Paul (CDFG).

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